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With Full Circle Co-Ed Gym, you have a local fitness center that's built around you - your fitness needs, your special programs, and a social community that will help push you to your exercise goals. Whether you want strength training or high-energy cardio, our equipment and programs will take you there.

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Walkerton's Top Fitness Center

For the best in Walkerton personal fitness, there's no better choice than Full Circle Co-Ed Gym. With a commitment to your personal health that goes above and beyond other local gyms, we've made it a point to be THE place to go when you want real results you can see.

The Full Circle Co-Ed Gym facility was designed to meet the needs of everyone, from weightlifters working to increase their ability and muscle tone to those simply looking for a relaxing place for daily or weekly yoga sessions.

Come join a Walkerton fitness center that finally gets it right. Call Full Circle Co-Ed Gym at 519-507-5019 to arrange a free tour of our facilities.

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Comprehensive Fitness Options

From advanced weightlifting machines to the area's best yoga instructors, we're all about giving you the right choices. Click through our primary exercise and training areas to the below.

On your own, the limits of your physical fitness routine can be perfectly clear. Without knowing the science and methods behind advanced training, your development can stall and lead to feelings of frustration. Fortunately, Full Circle Co-Ed Gym is Walkerton's best fitness center and has an unrivaled team of personal trainers to elevate your workout experience.

All personal training programs start with matching your fitness needs with one of the established Full Circle Co-Ed Gym trainers. From there, an initial assessment will inform your customized workout plan and you'll be on your way to new heights in your personal exercise development. Trust our trainers and watch your potential soar.

While many people in Walkerton imagine that a personal trainer is very expensive, our offers are oriented to fit in your budget, especially when time involved is considered. Because a personal training session is focused and more intense, you're getting more bang for your buck and could be saving many hours at the gym while still getting better results.

Find out if a Full Circle Co-Ed Gym personal trainer is right for you by calling our Walkerton fitness center at 519-507-5019.

If you're concentrating on strength training in Walkerton, then Full Circle Co-Ed Gym is the place to be. In developing our fitness center, we decided to make weightlifting a central focus and invested heavily in state of the art equipment that's ahead of others in town. Our pain is your gain and you'll quickly see why so many strength training enthusiasts come to Full Circle Co-Ed Gym to work out.

While the advanced strength training equipment at Full Circle Co-Ed Gym was clearly a big draw, the community we've worked hard to develop has also played a major role in our success. Unlike other fitness centers in Walkerton, our community is very inclusive and many people have formed tight bonds that help them excel in their daily and weekly visits to the gym.

Whether you're just getting started with strength training or have been at it for years, the atmosphere and equipment at Full Circle Co-Ed Gym will make your journey as smooth as possible. Stop by to check out our Walkerton location and we'll be happy to give a free tour and show off our impressive strength training facility.

To learn more about strength training and Full Circle Co-Ed Gym membership plans, call our Walkerton location at 519-507-5019.

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